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The Survivor

The Survivor - cover

George Lengvari is another immigrant who arrived in Canada with little more than $200. His life was shattered by the war. Before the war he was a successful banker in Budapest, with a doctorate and a law degree. One of his two brothers was a national hero, having won a gold medal in swimming in the 1936 Olympics. Both his brothers were killed in the war. George Lengvari escaped to Austria after the war, lived in a refugee camp then moved to Scotland where the banker worked as a gardener and beekeeper.

He became such an accomplished apiarist that he passed the exam for Master Beekeeper. When George Lengvari arrived in Montreal with his wife and two children 1951, he went to McGill University with his doctorate. “They handed me a mop and a pail.”

The upshot is George went on to become one of the most successful real estate salesmen in North America, an inspirational speaker and the investor of many new insurance products.

His son, George Lengvari Jr., approached me about doing a book. Soon I was out in Vancouver interviewing George Lengvari Sr. who was physically frail but mentally sharp. There were many interviews to come, with people close to George Sr. and with members of his family. Unfortunately George did not live to see his book. We printed it privately, and the design of it is quite unique. Jack Steiner, the designer I work with on all my book projects, outdid himself putting the words and photographs into a beautiful end product.