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Fred has been ghostwriting 4 books over the last few years. Below is a short description of each project.

The Survivor – A life story (2013)

The Survivor - coverWritten with George Lengvari, a Hungarian immigrant to Canada who also arrived with $200 in his pocket. Lengvari was a successful banker in Budapest with the PhD and a law degree who fled Hungary after the war. Both his brothers were killed in the fighting, one of them an Olympic gold medalist in swimming from the 1936 Olympics.  George Lengvari became one of the most successful insurance innovators in Canada.  He worked until the day he died at  age 93. When he was 80 he was the top insurance salesman in the worldwide Manulife Network.  Published privately.

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Business and Retirement Guide to Belize (2011)

belize-retirement-guide-fred-langanWritten with Bob Dhillon and published by Dundurn Press, Toronto. The book outlines why Belize is a great place to retire and semi-retire for people from the English-speaking world. It was written with Bob Dhillon, a self made real estate entrepreneur with a publicly listed company, Mainstreet Equity (MEQ) in Toronto. Dhillon owns a 3,000 acre property in Belize and the book is a subtle promotion for that development as well as Belize itself. It also outlines Dhillon’s philosophy.

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A lift to life (2010)

Aldrovandi-front-coverThe life story of Louis Aldrovandi, an Italian immigrant to Canada who landed with $200 in his pocket and the best mechanical training from the industrial heartland of northern Italy. Aldrovandi became a major construction executive, then started a firm making rough terrain forklifts, LiftKing. Published privately.

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You Win Some – You Loose Some (2003)

A life story of the late racing trainer, William Marshall DFC.  An amazing life of a man who ran away from home at 14 and became a major trainer of racehorses in England and Barbados. Published privately.

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Works in progress: a major history of an international shipping company and second editions of the Lengvari and Aldrovandi books.

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