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Fred Langan: financial news to ghostwriting

Fred Langan - ghostwriter, author and journalistFred Langan hosted the CBC network business news program for a decade after a long career in television and print.  He has published two novels and ten non-fiction books. Today he spends about half his time as a ghostwriter, writing and producing books for clients, mostly self-made businessmen.

Fred is now writing a weekly newsletter. He reads several papers and magazines a day as well as speaking to people in business, the arts and politics. He writes about what catches his eye and what would be of interest to his readers. There is either an essay every week or an interview. There is a link to a few samples of the newsletters below. If you want to subscribe — $50 a year—contact him at

Langan still broadcasts, doing the occasional fill-in stint for the CBC and producing half a dozen webcasts for the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society, the insurance and pension arm of the actor and writer’s unions.

For many years Langan was a stringer for a wide number of newspapers. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s he contributed about 250 articles to the Business and Finance Sections of the Economist. For 20 years he contributed to The Christian Science Monitor on a wide variety of subjects, but mostly business and economics.  In addition to Canada, he filed stories from, Britain, Costa Rica, Mexico and China.

For an overview of Fred’s career as a journalist and TV Host, click here.


Fred has written :

  • around 2,000 obituaries for the Daily Telegraph, National Post and Globe and Mail.
  • around 250 articles for the Economist,
  • dozens of articles on a variety of subjects (mostly business & economics) for BusinessWeek, Time Canada, The Christian Science Monitor and other publications.
  • 2 novels,
  • 1 retirement guide
  • and co-authored 4 books (see ghostwriting section).

He has also written newsletters for organizations and companies such as the AFBS.

Videos, Newsletters and Consulting

Langan produces four quarterly videos for the Actra Fraternal Benefit Society. They can be seen at A longtime member of ACTRA, Langan tries to provide a down to earth view of complex financial topics that cab be easily understood by the actors, writers and stunt performers who are members of the AFBS, the insurance and pension fund managing half a billion dollars. His videos are credited with driving up web traffic by 4,000%.

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In addition he produces quarterly newsletters with the same objective.
View sample newsletter.

Langan consults with several confidential clients in Canada and Britain. His specialty is providing media advice and detailed political, economic and corporate insights on specific issues. Since these are confidential reports no client references are provided.


Langan is available as a speaker for small and large events.  He has spoken at various events including the Royal Bank, The Montreal Economic Institute and the annual Actra Fraternal Benefit Society Board Meeting.